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"I have really enjoyed the Intressa!!! and I figured out price-wise it is a Great deal - in addition to being made in the USA. Sew…made in our own USA and far less expensive – that’s a no-brainer!"

Londa Rohlfing
Teacher, Sewer, Shop Owner
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Intressa® is the new generation polyester core-spun sewing thread that offers superior strength, the highest colorfastness and UV protection. Intressa is the all purpose thread offering quality, confidence, and a world of possibility.

Proudly manufactured from beginning to end in North Carolina, U.S.A.

intressa thread brand

Weight: 40

Fiber Content: Filament Polyester core wrapped with Spun Polyester

Yardage: European style spool (164 yds) and Mini king spool
(600 yds)

Shades: European style spool 80 colors (solids) and Mini king spool 150 colors (solids)

Recommended Needle Size: 80/12

Uses: Fashion sewing, bridal, craft, window treatments, home furnishings, table linens, overlock stitching, construction sewing, outerwear, tote bags, quilting, Sashiko sewing.

Benefits: Excellent sewability on a wide range of fabrics, machine friendly, smooth and even stitches, durable, colorfast, UV resistant, laundry and iron-safe.

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